Simple Lemon Honey Vinaigrette Recipe

This Lemon Honey Vinaigrette goes great on all types leafy green salads. We even use it for whole grain and pasta salads in our home. It is lighter versus most standard Vinaigrettes. As such, you will need to stir before each use. If you wanted a fully emulsified Vinaigrette, you would want to up theContinue reading “Simple Lemon Honey Vinaigrette Recipe”

Chimichurri Recipe with Cilantro and Lime

Why this Chimichurri Recipe with Cilantro and Lime? What I love about this Chimichurri Recipe with Cilantro and Lime is that it packs an incredibly vibrant flavor. In a perfect world you would serve this Chimichurri with seafood fresh out of the ocean, beachside, with sand on your feet. Even without that idyllic scenario; thisContinue reading “Chimichurri Recipe with Cilantro and Lime”

Coconut Corn Soup is Summer Perfection

I developed this Coconut Corn Soup recipe so that my son, who has a dairy allergy, could enjoy one of my absolute favorite dishes. And honestly, I prefer the Coconut Milk to the Dairy version that I had made for years. It has a sweet flavor and luxurious texture that just screams summer.

Mint Simple Syrup

Why This Recipe? This Mint Simple Syrup was developed initially for my Watermelon Slushy recipe, but works great in all sorts of beverages, salads, and as a granité. It packs a refreshing and sweet mint flavor. It will also set up in a residential freezer unlike a traditional 1:1 simple syrup. It is a greatContinue reading “Mint Simple Syrup”