Coconut Corn Soup is Summer Perfection

Coconut Corn Soup

Why this Coconut Corn Soup Recipe?

Sweet Corn is one of the ingredients that I look forward to every summer. I always know its time to cook up a batch of Coconut Corn Soup, when I start to see farms parking old trucks piled high with sweet corn along the side of the road.

I developed this Coconut Corn Soup recipe so that my son, who has a dairy allergy, could enjoy one of my absolute favorite dishes. And honestly, I prefer the Coconut Milk to the Dairy version that I had made for years. It has a sweet flavor and luxurious texture that just screams summer.

Not only is it absolutely delicious, but I find so many practical applications for it. This Coconut Corn Soup can be served warm or chilled and is equally delicious both ways. Sometimes I will even adjust thickness and use it as sauce in seafood, chicken, and pork dishes.


Here are some Helpful Tips

Corn Being Grilled for Coconut Corn Soup
  • Grilling the Sweet Corn in the husk is an easy way to add a deeper flavor to the soup and I feel makes it easier to clean.
  • Watch the Video on Removing Corn from the Cobb, it is a useful Kitchen Hack.
  • Passing the Sweet Corn Soup through a chinois will give you a luxurious texture and remove any hull.
  • Corn Tortilla Chips make the perfect thickener that adds another level of depth to the soup. Personally I find the Fritos variety to be ideal, but traditional ones work well too.
  • Wearing 2 pairs of Nitrile Gloves when handling the corn helps with the heat, a damp tea towel ran in a corkscrew motion will remove most of the corn hairs.
  • Roasting the Bell Pepper to remove it’s skin reduces bitterness.

Items you will need to make Coconut Corn Soup

Okay, here is the Recipe for Coconut Corn Soup!

Coconut Corn Soup Recipe
Coconut Corn Soup Recipe

Here are some Instructional Videos

Published by Chef Ben Mogren

I am a professional Chef with over 20 years of Culinary Experience. I trained at the Culinary Institute of America. I spent my career working throughout the Napa Valley, The Four Seasons Resorts, The American Club, Lambeau Field, The Mayo Clinic, and as a Corporate Chef in Manufacturing Sauces and Sous Vide Items. My recipes focus on creating absolutely delicious food from easily sourced ingredients. They focus on proper technique and extracting as much flavor as possible out of common ingredients.

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