Mint Simple Syrup

Why This Recipe?

Mint Simple Syrup

This Mint Simple Syrup was developed initially for my Watermelon Slushy recipe, but works great in all sorts of beverages, salads, and as a granité. It packs a refreshing and sweet mint flavor. It will also set up in a residential freezer unlike a traditional 1:1 simple syrup. It is a great way to infuse fresh mint flavor into your favorite summer recipes.

Before You Start Cooking

Here are a few helpful tips…

  • Watch the Mint Simple Syrup video on this page, it shows the entire process.
  • Make sure to only blanch for 10 seconds, any longer and you risk loosing the bright green color.
  • Make sure you completely cool your simple syrup before blending, otherwise you will dull your color.
  • Thoroughly wash your mint and remove any woody stems.
  • If you like mint, you should grow it. It is one of the easiest herbs to grow and will make this recipe more cost effective.

Items You Will Need

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Okay Here is the Mint Simple Syrup Recipe

Click on the link below for a downloadable PDF.

Watch Mint Simple Syrup Being Made

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