How to Make Garlic Crostini

Why this recipe? Garlic Crostini are an easy addition to any cheese or charcuterie platter. First off, they are delicious. What I love about them is that they add an artisan touch that you cannot get with a cracker, no matter the cost. Another benefit is that Garlic Crostini are adaptable. You can adjust theContinue reading “How to Make Garlic Crostini”

Wisconsin Cheese Sauce from a Former Lambeau Field Chef

Why This Recipe? This Wisconsin Cheese Sauce recipes has a very deep cheese flavor, and nice subtle background notes. It is great on it’s own or can be used as the base for other recipes such as Beer Cheese Soup, Queso dip, Buffalo Mac and Cheese, or countless other variations. I used this Wisconsin CheeseContinue reading “Wisconsin Cheese Sauce from a Former Lambeau Field Chef”

New Traditions | Crab Boils

I have a young Family and we are just getting going on what our traditions are. My wife and I are not the type to plan out every little detail of how we are going to spend our time, in fact we are just the opposite. We both hate false pretense or situations that feelContinue reading “New Traditions | Crab Boils”

Ricotta Banana Bread Recipe

Ricotta Banana Bread has great flavor and texture. It differs from many other banana bread recipes that call for oil in the batter in that it is less greasy and spongy. Tips on Making Ricotta Banana Bread You will want to use fully ripened bananas for this recipe. Bananas that have plenty of brown spotsContinue reading “Ricotta Banana Bread Recipe”